May 22-24, 2023 - DALLAS, TX

SMU + GSV Mission Summit

Changing the world for good.

The SMU+GSV Mission Summit is an event to accelerate ideas that combine “purpose and profits”. Capitalism needs a refresh. It is our belief that the leading companies of tomorrow will have the ambition of a for-profit and the heart of a non-profit. Join global leaders from across investment, government, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy communities to shape the future of business.



SMU Hughes-Trigg Student Center

3140 Dyer St., Dallas, TX 75205

Binkley Garage

3105 Binkley Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

Moody Garage

3063 SMU Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75205

Opening / Closing Night Receptions


Bush Institute

6102 Bush Ave, Dallas, TX 75205

The Rustic

3656 Howell St., Dallas TX 75204
2023 Speakers

World Class Speakers at 2023 Mission Summit

PAST Speakers

14 Past Years of World Class Speakers at GSV

Conference Hosts

Hosts of the Mission Summit

The SMU + GSV partnership fosters a community with global leaders from business, investment, government, entrepreneurs and philanthropy. 


A nationally ranked private university located near the heart of Dallas, SMU is a distinguished center for global research with a liberal arts tradition. SMU was founded on April 17, 1911, by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South—now part of the United Methodist Church—in partnership with Dallas civic leaders. SMU has over 12,000 students enrolled in both graduate and undergraduate programs.


GSV is a growth-focused investment platform that originated in Silicon Valley. GSV stands for “Global Silicon Valley,” inspired by the entrepreneurial mindset of Silicon Valley spreading throughout the world. GSV has invested in game-changing businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Palantir and Spotify. Michael Moe is the Founder and CEO of GSV. Michael is also the co-founder of the ASU+GSV Summit, which Forbes called “the Davos of Education.”