Maggie Moe

Maggie Moe

Writer and Creator, “My pet Dragon”

Maggie Moe is a lyricist, writer, voice actress, and comedian from the Bay (YAY!) Area, CA. She is a recent graduate of NYU TISCH's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program. You may have seen her @PixelPlayhouse collaborations on Tik Tok ("YA Heroine", "Dating a Sagittarius", "Woke Bros Don't Ghost"). Her song "Face on a Cookie" (music by Earl Marrows) was added to the Lincoln Center's BROADWAY'S FUTURE SONGBOOK series in May 2021 and premiered at Rattlestick Theatre. Her thesis project for TISCH NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, MY PET DRAGON, had three productions in 2022 and will open in Atlanta, Georgia in March 2024. Her 30 minute musical "RAPPLESTILTSKIN: THE REAL GRIMM SHADY" (music by Earl Marrows) has been featured on The Latest Draft podcast. Early forays into the world of entertainment include parodies of The Today Show ("The Tomorrow Show"). She co-founded Lymelight Productions, a nonprofit theatre company that raises money for children with Lyme Disease. In 2012, she graduated from The Second City's Comedy Studies Program and wrote the opening number to their revue: "Kick Ass Class (With A Dark Past)." In 2013, she graduated from Ithaca College with a BFA in Acting. She founded Daily Rap, a segment in which she summarizes the news of the day through, you guessed it, rhyme. She is a makeup enthusiast and cardio- fanatic who believes that attitude is everything. Fire 'em up!

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