Joshua Vranas

Joshua Vranas

Co-creator, My Pet Dragon

Joshua is the co-creator, along with Maggie Moe, of a dangerous new musical “My Pet Dragon”, which focuses on raising awareness of drug abuse through art. Joshua attended the NYU TISCH Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program in 2019 where he met Maggie and they had their first collaboration, an angsty but catchy as all hell Greta Thunberg pop anthem called HOW DARE YOU, shut the whole house down boots and the rest is history! It was then that M & J knew that they had something magical together. Both Maggie and Josh feel passionate about giving “voices to the voiceless” and believe that, through art, we can change the world. They have brought their personal relationships with addiction to tell this semi-autobiographical story. Where our individual stories differ, one thing remains glaringly similar: the lethal Dragon doing everything in its power to keep us from living the lives we were meant to live. Out of its clutches, at least for Today, we use our “ice” (strength within) to share our story. They are real life Superhero Best Friends and geek out on Drag Race, Kander and Ebb, Mrs. Lovett, the Wicked Witch of the West, Roald Dahl, having the same three main astrological houses (Leo, Libra, Scorpio) and more. Joshua takes his coffee black. If he’s feeling spicy he likes a Nitro. Maggie prefers Diet Coke or anything that tastes like coffee ice cream. They are also both chronic migraine sufferers-so that’s all real too.

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