Nafees Alam

Nafees Alam

CEO, DRG Concepts

Nafees Alam is Chief Executive Officer of DRG Concepts, a premier restaurant development and operations companies. With Hoque Global CEO and DRG Concepts co-founder Mike Hoque, Alam has led the company into steady and solid growth of brands and locations. As CEO, Alam directs a high-caliber DRG Concepts corporate and restaurant team in delivering top quality culinary and dining to guests every day, with innovations in the ways that cuisine and commerce connect. DRG Concepts is an independent restaurant operating company in Dallas Fort Worth with multiple successful brands: Dallas Fish Market, Dallas Chop House, Wild Salsa and Chop House Burger and Wicked Butcher. Alam’s appreciation for the profound realm of food began at a young age when he was intrigued by what exactly went on behind the scenes in a restaurant to create a wonderful meal for large people. As he grew up and continued his studies of business and technology, his entrepreneurial interests always gravitated toward the hospitality sector where businesses worked to balance the cultures of culinary and comfort with financial success. His passion for the hospitality industry has grown over the years because of how diverse and interesting it is in the modern marketplace. Testaments to Alam’s fine management skill are the fiscal success and continuing critical and consumer praise and acclaim for DRG Concepts brands, each having received accolades from food critics and guests alike for the consistency in flavor, freshness and top-caliber service. Accolades include strong reviews from Texas Monthly, Bon Appétit, The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Magazine, D Magazine, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Gayot, Deltasky, The Daily Meal, and more.

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